International Museum for Family History


1 Entrance

2.Museum Café and Study Centre

3. Museum Shop


4. DNA, Family Tree of Mankind, DNA-labs (Forensic,  Medic, Genetic Genealogy)

Learn about DNA, Forensic Science, Medical Genetics and Genetic Genealogy and techniques used for extraction/isolation and analysis. Have your own DNA sample taken and analysed.

5. DNActive

DNA news stream, background information to current topics, lectures and panels, questions and answers.


6. Restaurant


7. Migration and Genetic Genealogy

Interactive ‘who, when and how’ of the global spread of species, in particular man, haplo groups, language and culture.


8. Mythology and Literature

9. Contemporary Genealogy and Families of the World

10. Archeo-genealogy en non-western genealogy

11. Temporary exhibitions

12. Heraldry

13. Charlemagne Pavillion


14. Portrait Iconography

Compose your own exhibition using a database of hundreds of thousands of images and add your own images.

15. Culture of Life. Family Life, Rituals and Traditions. Families of the Euregion.

Have your own life story recorded.

16. Ursulines Room